smooths, a very lightweight (~1KB) script that assists smooth scrolling


Getting Started

	// Add the markup to your HTML.
	<a href="#section-one" class="link">Section 1</a>
	<a href="#section-two" class="link">Section 2</a>

	// Add the markup to your HTML.
	<div id="section-one" class="scroll-section"></div> 
	<div id="section-two" class="scroll-section"></div>

<script src="js/smooths.min.js"><script> // Include Smooth Scroll on your site.

var smooths = new smooths({  //  Initialize Smooths
	section: 'scroll-section',
	link: 'link'


section: 'scroll-section',
// Make sure to add your section class here
// all section should have the same class name

link: 'link',
// Add smooth scrolling to all links with 'link' class

speed: 200,
// The default speed value is 200 (2s)
// specifies the number of milliseconds it takes to scroll to the specified area


in progress


Smooths is a very lightweight (~ 1KB) script that assists smooth scrolling to anchor links, written with vanilla JavaScript, created by Milan Milosev.

How it's work?

By clicking on the link will animate scrolling to a specific section on the page.

Why should I use this script (there are plenty on the Internet...)?

If you're worried about speed and performance (like me), if you aren't minding about fancy effect that required more resource and slow your UX, then this one is a perfect match for you.